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All pictures taken before October 2nd 2005 are below. For more recent pictures please see the following galleries.

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The apples on my tree are almost ready to be picked. :-)

George enjoying green pastures.


Betty Boop checking out some cherry tomatoes. She will turn 10 years old in spring of 2006 and I hope she has many more years ahead of her. :-)

Elizabeth grazing in the river pasture.













Looking at Jam's fleece when we were changing his coat.


Grand champion white yearling ram from the NLSBA Show and sale in 2004.

He sired most of our Lincoln lambs in 2005.



Two colored Lincoln lambs,Velvet at left and Boot Shine at right.


Enjoying a straw mattress in the sunshine.


Evening sun over the back pasture.



I took these pictures as we were building the lambing shed in 2003. We got the tin on just before the ewes started lambing. It has sure been nice lambing in a larger area. We added a center section in the Fall of 2004 and hope to finish the other half in 2005.


Can you guess what formed this ice sculpture?

Warm in their winter coats before spring shearing and lambing.

Colored ewe and lamb eat hay with lambing shed in the background

Peak a boo.

In the summer when it cools off at night the lambs like to run and play. The last few nights Aerowin and Velvet have been racing to the lambing shed running sideways and jumping high into the air as they come. Most of the time it is just the lambs and yearlings that play, but I have seen an adult sheep play with the lambs now and then.

Sunny wearing my winter hat.


A nice sunset over the back pasture.


This was spring run off in March of 2003.


That's all for now, hope you've enjoyed looking though some of the many pictures we have taken.



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