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Hearing from our customers after they've received a fleece is one of the highlights of raising Lincoln Longwools. We especially enjoy seeing pictures of how they use the wool in a wide variety of projects. We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email us at or give us a call at 1-406-374-2459.

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From Kathy in Canada

You can read more of what she said about Pearl's fleece here.

all of it is gorgeous! your fleece is a lincoln lovers dream come
i have been spinning it and the locks open well and perfectly after
brushing out the yarn!!!!
do you have a link i can post to my website?


.From Charles in Canada

"Hi Cory:
I have been blissed out all afternoon thanks to your gorgeous fleece. I scoured some locks of the TargheeXLincoln and this afternoon I got my comb into them to make ready for a Level 2 project. What a treat - no dreaded vegetable matter, hardly any combing waste and I suspect that it will spin like a dream. Your fleeces are superb and here is a spinner who appreciates all your hard work. After working a cotted Romney Karakul even my right arm appreciates the quality you supply. Most fleece I send out for processing, but no processor is going to get near yours they are just too pleasurable to hand process.

Many many thanks
Charles on Haida Gwaii"


Mary from Idaho shared in a recent email: "I want you to know that I am forever spoiled.  Your fleeces are so clean and nice, it is hard to even look at another fleece, especially one that has not been coated.  My friend just bought a pretty gray Corriedale fleece from a local grower and although it is pretty in color, it is SO dirty and the tips are I assume sunburned, so she is having to precomb every bit of it to get the broken ends off.  She wanted to know what fleeces you had, as I have shown her both of mine."

After receiving part of Spoufy's fleece Bonnie Jones in Mississippi said: "Hi Cory: I received your wool today. It is beautiful and so clean. I will really enjoy using this wool; thank you so much. Beautiful curls, so soft and shinny; Spoufy did good."



After receiving Tanzy's fleece, Stanley in New York said: "When the new fleece arrived here in New York, I raced up five flights of stairs with it.  I couldn't wait to open it up.  It's a knock-out -- the quality, color, luster, staple length, condition of lock tips, strength, and spanking clean as well.  A weaver could not ask for better fleece to make a piece that is soft and glowing, but strong and durable.  Working with this kind of material is a fiberist's dream, maximizing my efficiency and productivity.  It delights me during the creation of my work, and ensures a final project that will delights my work's audience as well as its collectors."

After receiving Velvet's fleece, Jill from California said: "Velvet's fleece arrived yesterday and I was so excited to see it, you are right it does just keep getting better each year."

After receiving Jelly's fleece, Laurel in Delaware said: "When I opened the bag I thought that you’d already washed it, it was so clean. In fact, it had a kind of luminescence (and did I hear angels singing?  J ). My only disappointment was that I’d have to wait a couple days to start playing with it—I just can’t wait to start! (There’s a small pile of wool drying in the room where our TV is, and I saw one of our sons (9) rubbing his cheek on the wool and making an “mmm” sound. That’s a real endorsement, because he’s usually oblivious to “girly stuff.”)"


From Mary in Idaho: "Good morning Cory You know, as lovely as my Lincoln lamb fleece is, I can not say no to theTarghee/Lincoln fleece.  I have washed a number of fleeces this winter and Aerogorn's is the CLEANEST, NICEST fleece I have had.  The crimp in the Targhee/Linc. is just calling me to do something with it, so send it on. Don't hurry though, I am being slow about washing the Lincoln fleece.  I did dye some of it last week after getting it washed.  It was so pretty and WHITE and still in the locks, and I couldn't resist, so did a small crock pot with three colors (Cedar,Plum and Mulberry from Gaywool Dyes)  NICE! Anyway, thanks so much for your lovely wool.  And please keep me posted on what you will have available later this year.  Your fleeces are the best. Mary"

After receiving Topsy's and Cloud's fleeces Barbara in Idaho said: "Hi Cory and Lauren, I got the fleeces and already washed Topsy's - what great color! Cloud's also has great color and character.  I will wash that fleece next. These fleeces are so clean; such a pleasure. I love the color of Topsy's fleece and the color & character of Cloud's fleece are awesome! I would like to reserve the fleece from Shania-it is just what I need for a project in mind. The fleece of Andy is also too promising to pass up. I would like it also.

"I liked the pictures! Such cute faces and I love those curly locks!  I have naturally curly hair and many have commented on the similarity of my hair to Lincoln and Wenslydale fleeces. Cheers, Barbara. "

After receiving some samples Jackie in Florida said: "I LOVED the samples. Especially Aphrodite's and the cross ewe's; I flicked tiny samples of all of them, then spun them up....they are lovely. The fiber reminds me of kid mohair. Very soft and silky. Thanks so much for sending them! I liked all the other samples as well; the roving is really great, . . .Your prices are quite reasonable for the quality of wool, if I might add. I was planning on ordering some really wonderful kid mohair that sells for $26/lb., but you've got me sold on your Lincoln. I kid you not, it feels identical. "

After receiving Little Simpson's fleece Robin in Maryland said: " I washed a couple pounds of the covered fleece last night and I'm so pleased with it.  It is creamy white and soft as silk. "

After receiving Jelly's fleece Jean in Arizona said: "This is the most beautiful wool I have ever seen. It spins and weaves perfectly. Looks and feels like silk. "

After receiving Aphrodite's fleece Jackie in Florida said:"Now...onto the fleeces. They are SPECTACULAR! Last night I laid out a sheet on the floor and opened up Aphrodite's fleece; words cannot describe how stunned I was. This is the cleanest fleece I have ever received, and most beautiful! The silky texture, the handle, staple length....everything. No one would believe it was Lincoln! I haven't had a chance to lay out the Methreal's yet, but plan to do so tonight. I couldn't resist scooping some out; it's so yummy. I scoured a handfull of each, and they came out BRILLIANT white. I spun them on my drop spindle and let them ply back on themselves. I am so excited to get started on this wool! I can't wait to dye some of Aphrodite's; the luster is out of this world!"


After receiving fleeces from Effie, Erin and a Lincoln Targhee cross Maureen in New Hampsire said:"Hi,Cory. Nancy brought the fleeces over this morning. She didn't open the box until she got here so we could see them at the same time. They are absolutely beautiful. It is probably in the mid seventies here today in New Hampshire. I decided to take advantage of the nice day and start washing the fleeces. I can't get over how beautiful the fleeces are coming out. I'm sooooo pleased. I think these are by far the nicest fleeces I've ever had and I've had some pretty nice fleeces in the past. Keep up the great job your doing. I'm definitely one happy customer.   Maureen"

After receiving Lisa's fleece Lisa Blier in Massachusetts said:"This fleece is the most beautiful wool I have ever seen. It is long, it is white -white- white, and is actually pearlescent in the sun!  I Just washed a small amount that I am planning to felt for a hat for my boss.  When I saw it out there glistening in the sun,(from my upstairs window) I had to run down to see it. It was dry, and gorgeous. I am being totally honest. what are you all feeding these sheep? Pearls???Looks like it!  Keep up the great work!  I would recommend this wool to anyone for gorgeous outer apparel.  I plan to spin up and crochet myself a nice warm jacket in addition to the same felted hat I am making my boss, I'm getting one too!  This is ALL for me this time.  Lisa is a beautiful sheep. Thank You so much!!! I am thrilled!!!!!!"